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Progressive Finlease Limited (PFL) was set up in 12th January, 1995. It is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) registered with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and is listed on Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSE). We take pride in recognizing the fact that in a short period of time we have made significant disbursements fuelling the economy and help build enterprises. As an organization, we think beyond business in every aspect of our existence. We are deeply committed to being responsible contributors to society. As a financial services group, offering a wide array of products and services and serving over a million clients, our mission is to “Empower the Investor”. We are also involved proactively in community building. Through initiatives in the field of education, health, arts and women empowerment, we contribute towards building a stronger society. We believe in growth with a human face and in pursuing people-centric development. We are a socially committed organization and a socially responsible corporate citizen. The focus will be on initiatives that are people-centric with active community participation at all levels. At Progressive Finlease Limited, we are guided by a firm belief in people, their dreams, and their potential to achieve those dreams. Hence, our socially inclusive business model facilitates loans to customers based not on their current financial status, but their future earning capacity. This philosophy has instilled a sense of confidence in the minds of rural and semi-urban India – a confidence that allows them to believe that no dream is too big.



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